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Intercom battery use precautions
Release 2017-10-30 09:57:38   Read 803 Secondary
Radio battery mainly used lithium battery or nickel-metal hydride batteries. Lithium battery without memory effect, generally unrestricted at any time charge; Ni-MH battery due to battery characteristics, the first three times require adequate charge / discharge, and try to avoid overcharging. If the battery is significantly shortened after a normal charge, it indicates that the battery capacity has declined or the life has expired and should be replaced.
In normal service life (usually 300-500 charge / discharge cycle), all aspects of the performance of the battery should be normal. But more than the cycle life to continue to use, the internal electrolyte will be excessive consumption, will make a series of chemical reactions within the cell and continue to produce gas, gas directly lead to an increase in the internal pressure of the battery, and ultimately make the battery safety performance gradually Poor, or even burning or bursting. When using this period, please do not use it again and replace it in time.
Applicable battery type: Please use the specified battery and charger; use non-designated battery or charger for charging, may occur burning or explosion, even human injury.
1, do not short-circuit the battery terminal or the battery discarded in the fire, do not unauthorized removal of the battery pack.
2, the ambient temperature of the charge should be between 5 ℃ to 40 ℃. When charging outside this range, the battery may not be fully charged.
3, please use the charger to identify the voltage range of power supply, and will be equipped with battery radio power off, or remove the battery under the separate charge. The use of intercom at the time of charging prevents the battery from being properly charged and can not reach the full charge.
4, the entire charging process, try not to plug the power and battery, so as not to interfere with the charging process.
5, the purchase of nickel-metal hydride batteries, if the battery has been fully charged, do not unplug the battery again plug in the charge, otherwise the battery life will be shortened or damaged.
6, when the battery or the surface of the radio or wet, do not charge to avoid danger.
7, long shelf, please every 3 months or so once the frequency of charge and discharge updates, so that the battery to maintain a good state.
8, prohibit the use of strong static and strong magnetic field, or easy to damage the battery safety protection device, bringing insecurity.
1, improper use of the battery or charge, can lead to leakage of battery fluid, fever or explosion.
2, the battery deformation or damage, do not continue to use, and according to the local waste disposal of the relevant provisions of the disposal of used batteries.
3, when the jewelry, keys or decorative chains and other conductive metal contact electrodes, all the batteries may cause damage to the goods or human injury, these conductive metals may form a short circuit and produce a lot of heat. When handling any battery, especially when it is placed in a container of a pocket, purse, or other metal object, special attention should be paid to it.
4, man-made external force on the battery (such as extrusion, impact, acupuncture, etc.), or the external temperature is too high, may also cause the battery to burn or explode.
Please strictly observe the battery maintenance and use precautions!
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